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TXAF.ORG is dedicated to saving lives through fentanyl awareness.

Our Story

The Birth of TXAF.ORG

Texas Against Fentanyl was formed after Stefanie Turner lost her 19 year-old son, Tucker Roe, to one illicit Percocet pill purchased from a peer on social media. After his passing, Stefanie immediately began sharing Tucker’s story to help prevent others from suffering the deadly effects of this dangerous drug that is devastating our communities.


The mission behind TXAF is to create awareness about fentanyl, provide resources, and support affected families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. 


In March 2022, Stefanie met Carilu Bell at a local fentanyl awareness event, and they instantly connected through the loss of their sons and shared vision of spreading awareness and influencing change. Carilu lost her son, Casey, just one month prior to Stefanie losing Tucker, and joined TXAF as an Event Coordinator and creator of “Angel Moms” which hosts local events to support/connect mothers who’ve lost loved ones to fentanyl poisoning. 


TXAF is passionate about 3 key things…


• Helping others affected by fentanyl and providing free resources


• Bringing awareness through events and speaking engagements


• Lobbying for fentanyl education in all schools


TXAF aims to educate, support, and help foster legislative changes addressing this epidemic.

TXAF at the 11th Annual Lake Travis Public Safety Day
Sat, Oct. 29, 2022: Texas Against Fentanyl and friends at the 11th Annual Lake Travis Public Safety Day, Austin, TX.

Moments That Motivate Us

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In August 2021, Austin, TX native, mother, and marketing professional Carilu Bell loses her 44-year-old son, Casey Dean Copeland, to fentanyl poisoning. Casey had taken a fake Valium. Also in August 2021, Carilu contacts Travis county officials to discuss expanding county outreach.

In September 2021, Austin, TX native, mother, and professional hairdresser Stefanie Turner loses her 19-year-old son, Tucker Charles Roe, to fentanyl poisoning. Tucker had taken a fake Percocet.

On October 6, 2021, Turner makes an emotional plea on Facebook warning the community of fentanyl dangers: “Please watch this and learn about the dangers of fentanyl and the havoc it is causing on our children. Please share. This is a silent killer…. Fentanyl kills, fentanyl is highly addictive, and NO ONE is talking about it. This is the real pandemic on our children.”

The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one is devastating to both the Turner and Bell families. With no time or inclination to perfect their messages particularly, they both start speaking out everywhere, warning parents and others in any way they can: Going live on social media, setting up booths at local venues, speaking to media outlets, getting vulnerable, and sharing what happened and what they’ve learned from it.

In March 2022, Turner approaches Leander ISD school board asking for naloxone (a life-saving medication that can reverse the lethal effects of opioids) to be provided on school campuses.

In March 2022, Carilu and Stefanie meet, and, sharing the unfortunate bond of child loss, the two women rally and band together as they continue to crusade awareness efforts.

In May 2022, Texas United Against Fentanyl is formed as a nonprofit charity. To date, all of our outreach and advocacy activities have been self-funded, and they continue to be to this day.

Born in Austin.

TXAF.ORG is Austin born and bred.

Texas United Against Fentanyl was founded in Austin by an Austin mother who lost a child to fentanyl poisoning. Our largest fentanyl awareness and education events are held in Austin schools, and our meetups for parents are also held here.

Built out of Necessity.

TXAF.ORG is committed to raising awareness about the dangers of fake pills and fentanyl.

Texas United Against Fentanyl is formally incorporated 501c3 nonprofit charity, founded in Austin, TX, in January 2022. TXAF is dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of fake pills that contain unknown and unregulated levels of fentanyl. The problems caused by these pills—sold at great profit and with no oversight—is one we’re personally invested in and passionate about changing.


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