of and for Texas Against Fentanyl

Studio 3 Marketing

An Austin company.

Austin-based Studio 3 Marketing, LLC, provided invaluable guidance and resources to Texas Against Fentanyl, without which we would have been unable to create our website, as well as the print and media campaigns that are now reaching Austin’s students and families and raising awareness on the dangers of fentanyl.

Sheriff, Williamson County, Texas

Mr. Mike Gleason

A grant and guidance from Williamson County Sheriff Mike Gleason made possible the launch of a large local fentanyl awareness media campaign. Texas Against Fentanyl is supremely grateful for Sheriff Gleason’s support.

Young Men's Service League

A 4-year program for moms and their high school sons.

Young Men’s Service League creates opportunities for moms and their high school sons to volunteer together at philanthropic organizations in their community. YMSL is a comprehensive four-year-long program for mothers and sons dedicated to serving together, learning life lessons, and leading with heart.

Angel Moms

Parents who've lost loved ones to fentanyl poisoning.


Parents who share our passion.
  • “I can’t even get into words how impactful, brave, genuine, passionate, humble & helpful she was. Please talk with your boys after hearing this speaker [Stefanie], as it’s a lot to process and digest. I have no doubt this mom is saving lives, helping those who grieve, and educating so many people. It sure made me hug my kids tight tonight!” – J.S.H, shared on Facebook
  • “She was wonderful, I love that she’s using her voice & sadly her tragedy to help spread awareness & to educate other parents & youth/young men about fentanyl. Thank you for having her talk to our group.” – B.B.C., shared on Facebook
  • “Thank you. I can’t imagine your pain, and am thankful that you are sharing your story. You are making a difference and opened up meaningful conversations.” – C.S., shared on Facebook
  • “Thank you for the moving presentation Stefanie Turner. My son was very impressed by your strength and determination.” – N.W.B., shared on Facebook


Texas teachers and faculty who share our passion.
  • Coming soon! Share yours via our contact page please.


Students and youth who appreciate our education and outreach.
  • Coming soon! Share yours via our contact page please.