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Fentanyl awareness and education events by TXAF.ORG

Schools, Churches, Groups, Clubs.

TXAF staff and volunteers will speak everywhere to raise awareness of fentanyl.

TXAF.ORG staff and volunteers will speak everywhere to raise awareness on the dangers of fentanyl. We put on events of our own, as well as participating in the events of others. If you would like us to speak at a school, church, group, club, or business, we would love to do so. Here’s what you need to know.

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Powerful Stories. Passionate Speakers.

Our events are a powerful and personal approach to fentanyl awareness that leave a lasting impression.

Stefanie Turner

Advocate. Hairdresser. Mom. Founder of Texas Against Fentanyl.

Stefanie's life forever changed when she lost her son Tucker to fentanyl poisoning. She founded TXAF, a 501c3 nonprofit charity, while still grieving, knowing that spreading awareness was more urgent than perfecting her message. In the two years since, she has formed that perfect message because it comes from the heart.

Carilu Bell

Advocate. Mom. Grandmother. Co-Founder of Texas Against Fentanyl.

Carilu is a proud mother of 3 children and two beautiful granddaughters. She tragically lost her oldest son Casey to fentanyl poisoning in August of 2021. After the loss of her baby boy Casey, Carilu has channeled her grief into a fierce passion for fentanyl awareness. She dedicates her efforts to provide love and support for other moms and loved ones grieving from their incredible loss. Bonded in tragedy, Angel Moms was born through Carilu's efforts to connect with her local community. Through these efforts, she met Stefanie Turner and formed an immediate friendship and bond that can't be easily described.

Students Say The Information Saves Lives

Hear from those we've had the pleasure of speaking with.

Let Facts Replace Fear

Fentanyl poisoning can be frightening to many people. Facts reduce fear and empower youth and others to avoid tragedy.

Produced by Song For Charlie.

Schedule or Host an Awareness Event

When it comes to raising awareness on the risks of fake pills and fentanyl, some of the most powerful messages come from those whose lives and families have been impacted most. To schedule an education event in your school, workplace, church or group, please complete the following form.

Become a Speaker

The demand for events, lectures, and presentations on the risks of fake pills and fentanyl has been greater than what our team has thus far been able to accommodate. If you would like to lend your voice to the cause, please contact us through this form. We would be grateful to have you.

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