Fake Pills
take Real Lives

Fentanyl is taking the future from too many of our children.

Texas Against Fentanyl is a nonprofit saving lives through fentanyl awareness.

They thought it was


Their lives were

Stolen By Fentanyl

Fentanyl-laced fake pills have turned what was once a learning experience into many families' worst nightmare.

If you thought saving a life was hard, try losing one.

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What We're Doing About It

Honoring Lost Loved Ones

Coordinating Change

Advocating for Legislation

Empowering Youth to Save Peers

Educating Youth

Giving Victims a Voice

With Grateful Appreciation to Our Sponsors, Partners, and Friends
With Grateful Appreciation to Our Sponsors, Partners, and Friends

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Ending the Reign of Fentanyl Deaths in Texas

Our children were stolen by fentanyl.

Stefanie Turner & Carilu Bell lost a child to a fake pill laced with fentanyl.

We formed Texas Against Fentanyl to warn and save others

Awareness is the Antidote

What our kids don't know about fake pills and fentanyl could kill them.

Prescription pills used to be able to 'take the edge off,' relieve our stress, or even let us do something a bit wild without too much risk of accidentally dying. That's not always possible anymore. Fake pills are taking real lives and families are left missing their loved ones terribly. Fentanyl has changed what we need to know about drugs and fake pills.

A potentially deadly dose of fentanyl. (📷 U.S. DEA)

“Fake pills are made to look like OxyContin®, Xanax®, Adderall®, and other pharmaceuticals. These fake pills contain no legitimate medicine. Fentanyl is also made in a rainbow of colors so it looks like candy.” – U.S. DEA

“DEA lab testing reveals that six out of every ten fake pills with fentanyl contain a potentially lethal dose.” – U.S. DEA

“It only takes a very small dose of fentanyl—2 milligrams—to be lethal, such as the amount found on the tip of a pencil.” – U.S. DEA

“The drug landscape is dramatically different from when you grew up, or even from just a few years ago. All parents and caregivers need to be educated on current drug threats to be able to have informed talks with their kids.” – U.S. DEA

“Drug traffickers are using social media to advertise drugs and conduct sales. If you have a smartphone and a social media account, then a drug trafficker can find you. This also means they are finding your kids who have social media accounts.” – U.S. DEA

Tips for Parents and Caregivers

— Encourage open and honest communication
— Explain what fentanyl is and why it is so dangerous
— Stress not to take any pills that were not prescribed to you from a doctor
— No pill purchased on social media is safe
— Make sure they know fentanyl has been found in most illegal drugs
— Create an “exit plan” to help your child know what to do if they’re pressured to take a pill or use drugs. – U.S. DEA

Fentanyl in Texas

Fentanyl is here. It's affecting our children.

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Reaching Our Youth Before Fentanyl Does


Texas Against Fentanyl

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