The Tucker Project

A Fentanyl Curriculum Provided by TXAF.ORG is actively engaged in getting a fentanyl curriculum made, in partnership with a leading national textbook publisher.


By aligning a fentanyl curriculum to state health education standards, teachers can more easily integrate it into their lesson plans and ensure that it meets the relevant learning objectives and criteria for effective health education.

What They'll Learn, Will Save Their Lives.

• Classroom discussions and case studies
• Guest speakers from healthcare and law enforcement professionals
• Assessments of knowledge and skills
• Emphasis on safety and responsibility

Make a radical impact and save lives in Texas

By donating to our Fentanyl curriculum, you will help us:

• Develop new educational materials and resources for teachers, students, and parents
• Provide teacher training and ongoing support of the curriculum
• Reach more individuals and communities with our message of prevention and harm reduction.


Texas Against Fentanyl

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