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Lend your voice to raising awareness on the dangers of fentanyl.

About Being a Speaker

What you should know.

Because awareness is one of many powerful antidotes in the fight against fentanyl, we are always looking for more people who would like to lend their voice to the cause. Here is what you should know.

Yes. We believe that anyone can (and should) help spread awareness on the risks of fake pills and fentanyl.

Possibly. Most of our current event speakers started out by sharing their own personal stories about how fentanyl had impacted their lives. They found this liberating and empowering. You might feel the same way. If you’re uncertain, you can always attend one of the events we put on to get a better feel for them.

You can join us at one of our scheduled events, or schedule an event of your own. “Events” can range from small groups of friends at home, to large gatherings at conference centers, schools, universities, and churches.

Our educational events currently range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, with an hour being about the ideal length.

We tend to find that the best speakers are those with either a technical knowledge of the subject of fentanyl, or a personal experience with it. This means that we’ve found that parents, loved ones, and law enforcement personnel often make great speakers.

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If you would love to add your voice to the movement and speak with others on the dangers of fentanyl, you're in the right place.

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